Coolest Princess Bed Costume

The Princess Bed Costume idea came to me when I saw the canopy hanging at a local thrift store. To make the whole thing cost $13. I cut out a whole in the box and made straps to hang on shoulders out of the material used to cover the box. I then attached material I also picked up at the thrift store with duct tape. Also used an old bed sheet.

Attached lil book and my pony. Wore pjs and slippers. The canopy was the hard part. But after searching the internet I got the idea to use a back pack. Used a metal pole from backyard (lantern pole), drilled a whole in a piece of wood so it wouldn’t tear through the bag. Then stuffed the bag with a pillow. Taped some cardboard along pole so it would stay up straight inside the bag, cut a small hole in center of canopy then taped the excess material at top, which held it together. The night stand happened to be a co-worker.