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Coolest Homemade Basketball Pregnancy Costume

You’ve already scored once, may as well do it again! I thought my big, pregnant belly had relegated me to a “Homer Simpson” costume but when I couldn’t find a Homer mask (I live in Italy) I had to get creative. Everyone is always telling me how my pregnant stomach looks like a basketball so I decided to play it up and make a Homemade Basketball Pregnancy Costume.

Using a piece of cardboard, I drew a backboard, complete with the red square and attached the net underneath. I couldn’t find a toy basketball net (this is Italy, remember!) so I bought a red plastic basket from the dollar store and cut off the bottom and quickly sewed a laundry bag (which I had cut to look like a b-ball net) to hang from the bottom. Voila, Basket and Backboard.

I cut an exact hole for my stomach to push through the backboard because my stomach was, obviously, going to be the basketball! Then I took a tight old white TShirt and drew, with a Sharpie, a round outline of a basketball. Using an orange highlighter, I coloured it in. Voila, basketball tummy.

I attached the backboard with a string to rest under my chest but above my substantial stomach and it stayed all night long.

People were staring and laughing all night and kept whispering, “is it real?!” I wasn’t sure if they meant the ball or my stomach. I got loads of congrats for a “very original costume!”

Total time: 1.5 hours
Total cost: 3 dollars

Homemade Basketball Pregnancy Costume

Homemade Basketball Pregnancy Costume

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