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Coolest Homemade Baseball Trophy Halloween Costume

For this homemade Baseball Trophy Halloween costume I took his last season’s baseball uniform, cleats and this toddler baseball bat I had gotten at Wal-Mart on clearance and spray painted them all gold. I had started out using a special cloth stencil spray, but it didn’t go far at all and was expensive!

I then got some ‘floral’ arrangement spray paint! I used a tight pajama top to double as the skin of his arm so I didn’t have to put make-up on his arm. I spray painted his hair gold – but the spray was more of a clear spray with gold glitter in it… So I took gobs of the gold make-up for his skin and kind of laid it on his hair!

He was comfortable in this outfit and did not want me to throw it away when we were done! Oh and I used last years uniform as he was going to out grow it by next season anyway!

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