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Coolest Homemade Bamm Bamm Rubble Costume

With my son’s white hair and love of banging things I thought a Bamm Bamm Rubble Costume would be the perfect costume for him. I bought orange fleece to make the skirt (I used a pair of shorts as a template to get the shape and length) and sewed in an elastic band and cut black felt triangles and sewed them onto the skirt.

Then I used an animal print for the sash and attached it to the back with Velcro and sewed it to the front of skirt. I used Velcro in case we wanted to reuse the costume and could make the sash longer depending on how tall the child is. Then I cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a bone, glued felt to it and drew the lines to make it look like a bone. Then I cut a slit in the sash and pulled the bone through it to make it look like the bone was the fastener. I took left over fabric and made a cape in case it was cold the night of Trick or Treating.

The cape design was guess work and then I added a button and elastic band for a closure. I finished off the outfit with a cream colored turtleneck and tights so that he would be warm.

Homemade Bamm Bamm Rubble Costume

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