It’s my nine month old son’s first Halloween, so I just had to make his first costume. He has such a big personality and the brightest eyes I’ve ever known so I wanted to create something that would showcase his face. I searched the internet and came across this homemade baby chicken costume on…wait for it…YOUR WEBSITE! I read different blogs about how to make a costume like this, but so many required sewing, which I do not do. Anyhow, I found a picture of one I really liked on the Martha Stewart website and decided to tweak it a bit. HOT GLUE GUN all the way baby!!!! It’s truly my new best friend.

All I did was take two long sleeved onesies (two sizes bigger), put one inside the other and stuffed it with batting, then glued them together. I bought two heavy weight white feathered boas per Martha and safety pinned them around the onesie. To insure the safety pins wouldn’t open I hot glued gunned the tips where they close. I added single yellow feathers here and there, used rit to dye white leggings yellow and made the feet out of kitchen gloves, again per Martha.

The hat was totally my creation. All I did was buy $1.95 white swimmers cap, cut it like a pilot’s hat, add feathers, felt, and viola… a chicken’s cap. This is my proudest part of the costume because the majority of people suggested buying pilot’s caps online.

I was determined to make as much as possible as cheaply as possible. I hope you enjoy the pics :-)