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Coolest Homemade Baby Bird Costume

Meet our precious golden finch! He is the sweetest little bird you’ll every meet, snuggled up in his nest with his snuggley little worm.

We started out this Homemade Baby Bird Costume with a yellow hooded sweat shirt, sewed on a beak and black accents and made some fabric wings and attached at shoulders. We also made a simple front fabric piece which we attached behind the wings with Velcro. To add the look of feathers to the wings and front piece I simply added a small amount of batting between the fabric layers and simply sewed several wavy rows.

Then we dyed some orange tights and added some little fabric talons. Also added a wicker wreath for the nest and made a soft stuffed work to snuggle. Super easy to make, had only about 1 hour in making but looks awesome!! He was a traffic stopper tricker-treating, had many people stop and ask to get his picture, sooo sweet!!

Homemade Baby Bird Costume

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