Coolest Homemade Animal Halloween Costume Idea

I knew last year that I wanted to be Animal this year for Halloween. Thinking I had lots of time to put this homemade Animal Halloween costume idea together came down to the last week and we hadn’t started the mask yet. I already had the clothes, the accessories and the materials needed.

Most of my materials were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. We started with a bicycle helmet and built a frame around it made from hardware cloth. No pattern, just a lot of cutting and fitting. The mouth was attached separate. The mouth was covered with a mesh fabric used for covering waste hauling trucks. The tongue was cut from red felt.

After the frame was attached to the helmet we sewed on 1/2″ thick foam then orange fleece using spray glue. The eyes are styrofoam balls with the back cut flat and hot glued on. The pupils were drawn on with a marker. The nose is a foam clown nose. The eyebrows are from a black boa. The teeth were cut from foam cosmetic wedges.

The hair is made from a fuchsia colored yarn cut into different lengths and hot glued on one by one.

I wore an orange turtleneck, orange tights, and brown pants I cut with a jagged bottom. I had old red and yellow t-shirts that we cut and made Animals shirt from. We put eyelets in and I strung shoelaces for the ties on the shirt. I used rope for the belt, purchased the plastic spiked necklace and bracelets from a Halloween store and the plastic chain hanging from my collar was from our decorations last year. I found orange gloves and had a set of drumsticks.

Don’t know if I can top this homemade Animal Halloween costume idea next year.

Homemade Animal Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Animal Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Animal Halloween Costume Idea