Coolest Homemade Animal and Miss Piggy from the Muppets Costume

After going back and forth on costume ideas (Halloween is a big deal to me, my boyfriend, not so much!) So, he agreed that if he was dressing up, he was going ALL OUT! And all out he did!! We decided on a Homemade Animal and Miss Piggy from the Muppets Costume.

I found as many photos of Animal as I could and researched how to even form a head, etc. This was definitely my biggest undertaking to date and it was so worth it!! After the head was completed, we added a couple additional things to make it more “realistic”. He put black tights over his head (tied legs in a knot and cut off excess) and cut eyeholes so he could see and had drumsticks, a dog collar with chain, ?gold? shirt and armbands.

Miss Piggy was also homemade! This picture is so representative of our personalities! Since your site was where I got one of my Animal ideas from, I think others could benefit!