We decided not to buy a costume this year, but make one. Thought this Homemade Alien Abduction Unique Halloween Costume Idea was impressing looking so decided to try it out. It worked out great. Took about 5 days to finish.

Used a long black jacket type hooded coat I have laying around, and got a balloon and paper mached it with 3 coats until it was hard so that the balloon would not deflate. After that looked around the house for a footed pajama suit that would fit my son, cut the back out and slid his arms in, and stuffed the remainder with cotton to fill in the legged look. Created some arms for the alien tied them around the kid to look as if he was being held.

This costume came as a total surprise to my hometown of about 1600. It turned heads, got Oh my god’s and many questions. People even ran off the road trying to figure out how it was possible. They were stunned.

Next year I might even make something even more unique.