Coolest Homemade Alfalfa Costume

Form the very start, I decided that JT is going to be Alfalfa for Halloween. So come October I started his Homemade Alfalfa Costume. I bought 1/2 yard black fabric, turned a pair of his pants inside out and made a pattern out of them. Of course I made the length shorter, they were pretty high cropped.

Bought a white long sleeve shirt. Then I bought ribbon with a pattern that would fit Alfalfa style. I measured the ribbon against him from front to back cut an extra 2 inches off. I cut two of the same length and sewed them onto the pants to make them look like suspenders.

For his shoes I happened to stop a shoe store, got lucky to find a pair just for him and the costume on clearance for 6 bucks. As for his freckles I just used eyeliner. And then of course that famous hairdo. Plenty of baby oil and some hair spray worked perfect. Woke up the next morning, hairdo was still the same.

People loved the way he looked. JT my 9 month old son was a BIG hit.

Alfalfa Costume

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