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Coolest Homemade Adult Vending Machine and Quarter Costume

I was looking online and through magazines last year for couples Halloween costumes. Everything I found had been done a million times and we wanted to be something unique. I found a costume in a magazine of a small child in a vending machine costume with candy stuck all over the front of it with a slot for coins. Since we were going to an adults only party we decided to make it an adult vending machine. This a HUGE hit at the party!!

We found a cardboard box, cut out arm holes and then painted the box black and then proceeded to glue everything to the front of the vending machine. Hot glue works best but the small airline bottles of alcohol kept falling off halfway through the evening. My husband also attached battery operated lights to the outside of the foam on the vending machine.

For the quarter, we used foam and cut it into a circle. We enlarged and copied the quarter, taped it all together and painted it gray (I would suggest painting it all before taping as you could see the tape and the paint wouldn’t adhere very well to the tape). We attached the foam pieces together with ribbon.

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