Coolest He-Man and She-Ra Costumes

For my birthday I wanted a superhero themed night so my brother and I came up with the ultimate brother/sister combo of She-Ra and He-Man costume.

He bought a muscle man outfit which was only the muscles then added the body harness and fur etc. I used a plain white dress to add the detail and made my wrist guards and boot covers (although not shown)and my head wings.

All of the accessories mentioned were made from foam that we covered with coloured fabric and then sewed on the details. The gold belt on the she-ra outfit was re-cycled from another costume I had, as was the cape.

The fur on the he-man costume was used by cutting up a fleece blanket and attaching it to the muscle costume. the belt was bought from a high street shop but the buckle was moved to the back. There is also a sword holder at the back of the outfit that you cant see, but was made from cardboard and again covered in the same grey fabric as was used on the harness.

It made for great and unique costumes that nobody else had!

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