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Coolest Happy Birthday Cake Costume

Our daughter was obsessed with birthday parties. She would go around the house singing the Happy Birthday song at the top of her lungs. So when Halloween came around, I decided to make her into a birthday cake.

For the birthday cake costume, I went to the craft store and bought 2 of their largest embroidery looms, cream colored fleece, remnants of pink and yellow fleece, glow in the dark fabric paint and some other fabric paints and trim for decoration.

I cut out a circle from the cream-colored fleece with a generous seam allowance. Then I cut a strip of fleece wide enough to reach from my daughter’s shoulders to her knees with a large seam allowance and long enough to go completely around the circle. I sewed the circle to the length of the other piece. Then I attached the top and bottom to the embroidery looms. I cut out arm holes and made an X in the top for her head. Then all that was left was to decorate!

I made a hat with the pink fleece by tracing a winter hat of hers to use as a pattern. I painted the yellow with the glow in the dark paint and then cut it into small strips. I gathered and tied them together to make a little puff ball. I attached that to the top of the hat. So when she put on the hat, her head was a candle on her birthday cake.

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