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Coolest Handmade Peacock Creative Halloween Costume

I started this Handmade Peacock Creative Halloween Costume with my cousin’s blue prom dress from 1989. It came to my mid-calf and had a two layers on the skirt. On the layer closest to me in the front of the dress, I cut around 10 inches off and bunched it with thread. Then the second layer I wrapped it into a skirt and sewed it into a train or a “Peacock Tail.”

Then for the front of the costume, I got turquoise and blue sparkle feathers from Michael’s and hot glued them to the front, along with peacock feathers. Then I added turquoise, teal, and white rhinestones for a little glamour. I took blue and purple tool and made a tutu and attached it to the bottom of the dress.

For the peacock tail in the back, I had 36″ feathers. I didn’t want to wear a belt, so I got a Quaker Oat Can lid and cut a hole in the top and bottom rim and stuck the feathers through it. On the side that would face everyone behind me, I glued teal and purple feathers. I wrapped the whole bottom thing in the material I cut from the dress and bunched it to match the tail. Then I put Velcro on the Oat lid and Velcro on my dress and it stayed perfectly! Also, I added some rhinestones!

For my hair, I put two peacock feathers in and also wore my peacock Mardi Gras mask I got in New Orleans which was the inspiration for the entire costume.

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