Coolest Gnome Halloween Costume

I wanted to do something original, cute and funny. One day the Travelocity Gnome popped into my head. Although a lot of people also thought I was David the Gnome.

I hand sewed the Gnome Halloween costume outfit out of a fuzzy blue blanket. To do this I first cut a head hole on the middle of the blanket and then trimmed a rough outline for sleeves. Then I sewed up along the sides. It was really easy since the outfit is supposed to be oversized anyway. I even sewed pockets into it to create that realistic “armless” Travelocity Gnome look.

The hat is a large piece of red construction paper that I rolled and glued into the shape of a pointed hat. My beard was found at a costume store for $2. I’m wearing black tights underneath and found the perfect puffy tall black boots at a thrift store. I think that black rain boots “wellies” would work really well also. The thick black belt just happened to be from my closet. For the last effect I layered on a thick layer of pink blush on to my cheeks.

The costume was a hit. I received complements, and many many laughs all night long! Nobody had ever seen anyone dressed up as a gnome before.

Total cost of costume: $6

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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