Coolest Garbage Truck Costume

My son loves the garbage man and the garbage trucks. All he wanted for Halloween this year (2008) was a garbage truck costume. First he wanted to be a garbage man. So we had him wear an orange t-shirt with thermal underneath, greenish work pants, brown shoes and an orange cap. Also gloves too. We got Waste Management patches off the internet and put them on the shirt and cap.

Next he told me he wanted to a garbage truck! So I decided to sew one with fabric. Our weather here is unpredictable and cardboard with paint just may have been a disaster waiting to happen.

First a drew a picture of what I wanted the costume to look like. Next I went to the fabric store and purchased all different types of fabric, quilting batting, fusable webbing, wooden dowels, duct tape etc. I started with measuring my son. Next I made the four sides and cut out the shapes and quilted them on. I used ribbon and fabric sew together for the red & white and yellow and black caution.

My husband built two frames with the dowels. One from the front and the other for the back. The fabric I sewed together earlier fit over the frames like slipcovers. I used embroidery thread to attached the fabric to the frame to reinforce it. I fitted straps to go over his shoulders. The tires I sewed to look like they had treads and then used a big yellow button in the middle.

It was very time consuming but the end result made my son very happy. Trick or Treat was a blast!

23 thoughts on “Coolest Garbage Truck Costume”

  1. My garbage man(5) will love it, could you give me the instructions of how to make it, I would like to try.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello,
    Last year we tried to make a garbage truck costume out of cardboard boxes and it turned out to be a disaster. I love your fabric idea. Do you think you could send a pattern to cut the fabric I’ll pay.

  3. Where can I find one, my little one loves the trash truck! We have recorded the trash truck and that is the only move he likes to watch?

  4. My grandson would like to be a garbage man for Halloween and have a truck just like this one – can I purchase one from you or get a pattern? – thanks.

  5. Love it. My grandsons love the garbage truck too. We are redoing the 4 year old’s room and guess what- he want’s a garbage truck theme. Can’t find much “out there” as far as border, wall decorations, etc. Any ideas?

  6. I would love to pay you to make it for my little boy Bryson who is 7. That is an awesome idea, and we love it a ton!!

  7. I love your costume…did you ever put together a pattern to share/sell? I would love to make it for my grandson, he loves Garbage Trucks. Thanks…8-2010

  8. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! I love your costume. Do you have a pattern to share/sell? I would love to make it for my grandson, he loves Garbage Trucks.

  9. Hi! Do you have a pattern for the garbage truck costume? I have a 3 year old who INSISTS on being a garbage truck for Halloween!
    Thank you

  10. omg this is like so cute. mi lil cuzzn would love to wear and have dis on. i think this is just 2 cute tho. please post how you did it

  11. The costume is darling and what a novel idea for it! I am happy to hear that not only my grandson is enamored with garbage trucks. Their WM trash man joked with my daughter about never in his 20 years had he been “stalked” by kids wanting to watch his garbage run!!! (2 1/2 year old boy and his 1 1/2 old sister likes them too but only the real ones, not the toy ones he has in his collection!)

  12. I’m so glad to know that my 3.5 year old isn’t the only one that loves garbage trucks. I was beginning to worry. Now I have some ideas for a costume!

  13. I would love to pay you to make it for my little boy Ben who is 4. He’s obsessed with being a garbage man/truck for Halloween and I am unfortunately not the craftiest mom.

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