Coolest Flintstones Group Costume

This year we decided to dress up at the Flintstones. Fred’s costume was made out of orange, black and blue fleece. It was sewn together and the tie was tied around his neck like a regular neck tie. Fred carried around a bowling ball… it was made out of a styrofoam ball and painted blue.

Wilma’s costume was made from white fleece and orange hairspray was used to resemble Wilma’s hair color. White mushed Styrofoam balls were strung together to make a necklace.

Barney’s sack was made from brown felt and a piece of black string for the chest.

Pebbles and Bam Bam’s costume was actually made out of old t-shirt (because that is what we had and it didn’t cost any money). They were sewn together to make a shirt and a pair of shorts. The black pebbles were made for felt and hot glued on. The bones were made from toilet paper rolls and Styrofoam. They were taped together and then painted. Pebbles skirt was also made from the black felt. She also had Styrofoam balls necklace and earrings. Cute legwarmers for Pebbles were made from the scrap pieces of the t-shirt and the hat for Bam Bam was made from the t-shirt sleeve. Bam Bam’s bat was made from a thunder stick (the one’s from basketball games) and it was wrapped in brown paper. Bam Bam went around hitting people all night. We did have an extra friend in our group. We had her dress as a cave women.

Finally… our awesome car was made from cardboard, metersticks, and white fabric. Circles of cardboard was cut out and slid onto a meterstick (about 5). Then we wrapped white fabric around it. We made 2 of them. The sides were cut out of cardboard. The canopy was made from cardboard and was reinforced with the metersticks on the inside. The wheels were held together with large screws and bolts and the canapy slid into slots on the inside of the car.

The party we went to only had a single door. So it was transported totally taken apart. The base was assembled in the parking lot and then the canopy slid in place after we walked through the door. It was the hit of the party.

 Flinstones Costume

 Flinstones Costume

 Flinstones Costume

 Flinstones Costume

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  1. My friend actually bought it at a Halloween store. It was just colored hair spray. It came out in the shower that night.

  2. It was just the orange hairspray that you buy at the Halloween store. They had two kinds, we went for the darker, less neon one. Washed out totally fine :)

  3. HI, i am being pebbles on the last day of school for dress up and I just wanted to know how you put the bone in your hair ?

  4. I’ve used that hair-spray stuff a million times for crazy hair day at school. It washes out just fine. But be warned: It smells horrible!

  5. Hi having a Flinstones 40th Birthday and would love to know the breakdown of making the car- Your help would be much appreciated

  6. I was wondering if you made pebbles top or if you bought it somewhere? if so can you please tell me where from. Thankyou

  7. trying to make the Flintstones car TODAY could you please post the instructions on how to make the car? That would be greatly appreciated…

  8. Hi there, we are celebrating a 50th Flintstones party and I would LOVE to know how you made the car. I’ve got 3 months to make it :) Any advise greatly appreciated.

  9. Hello. I am trying to make a car like this one for my child’s birthday. Can you email me the directions please!

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