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Coolest Fire Hydrant Costume

My son loves to come up with crazy ideas for Halloween costumes, and we love figuring out how to make them. So when he told us he wanted to be a fire hydrant, we were excited about the challenge. Using a concrete form for the body, layers of foam board for the hat and nozzles, and red and black duct tape to cover them, his fire hydrant costume was born.

We first cut down the concrete form to a length that was comfortable for him to walk in and then cut out arm holes in the concrete form and attached shoulder straps to the inside so it would sit on his shoulders instead of resting on his arms. We then spray painted it red, attached a piece of red jersey fabric to the top with a hole for his head (this hid his shoulders from the top), and started cutting out the nozzles and such from foam board, available at Home Depot. My husband cut out varying sizes of foam board circles, Gorilla glued them together to make the top, and then started shaving it to resemble the top of a fire hydrant and scooped out the inside to make a spot for my son’s head. We covered all the foam pieces with duct tape (because the spray paint ate away at the foam). A red long sleeve shirt, red pants, and red paint for his face and the costume was complete! (We wanted his little sister to be a dog and follow him around all night but she wasn’t having it.)

He received so many complements on his fire hydrant that it still sits in the garage, my son not able to part with it. It’s our favorite costume so far!

Homemade Fire Hydrant Costume

Homemade Fire Hydrant Costume

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  1. OMG and I thought my 2yr 9m old was jk. My husband and I were trying figure out what to do. I got less than an a month better get on this one. Yours looks awesome 5stars *****!


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