Coolest Fenris Wolf Costume

Meet Fenris. A Norse Mythological creature! A ferocious Beast!

I read a story about the creature Fenris, and with wolves being my favorite animal I couldn’t refuse challenging myself to make this fluffy beast.

The Homemade Fenris Wolf Costume is a quad-suit, which means there is one person inside walking on all fours with the use of front stilts. I made the front stilts with two joints so that when walking I’d get the realistic movement of an animals wrist joint.

The head is made with animatronics (controlled via remote control) meaning that the eyes glow, as well as blink. And that the mouth can open and snarl, making it look like the wolf is talking by himself.

The head was mounted on top of a cycle helmet for support and comfort to me. The bottom jaw was elasticated and attached to the chin strap of the helmet meaning when I talked the jaw moved.

The wings on the costume can be put up and down (depending on room to move) and are made from over 300 real feathers alongside handmade ones to be able to get the size and length.

All of the fur is hand airbrushed or dyed. With all the fur being originally white.

The entire costume was made from scratch with a body suit underneath the fur with padding on to give the wolf shape to the body.

I used a hikers backpack as a harness for the wings, as well as hiding a water bottle between the wings with a tube coming to my mouth so I don’t need to take the costume off to keep hydrated!

How-to / Tips

I used nail polish on the nose and mouth area to give it that realistic wet-look.

Spray paint can provide the same look as airbrushing but makes fur stiff and hard/impossible to brush. Watered down acrylic paint gives a softer result afterwards.

Keep the inside of the costume separate to the outside fur to allow for easier washing.

Jointed stilts in this type of costume make the end result look better but they’re a lot harder to walk in.

Adding a swimming noodle (Long tube of stiff foam) inside the tail can help it stay rigid, stick out from the body realistically and also help it sway when you walk.

Last, but most important tip, when scaring children, lay still until they come close then let out a large growl!

Video showing the animatronics and head movements:

Homemade Fenris Wolf Costume

Homemade Fenris Wolf Costume

Homemade Fenris Wolf Costume

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