Light pink bra (I used an old Betsy Johnson)
Light pink fur
Sheer light pink fabric
Two bolts (about an inch long)
Glue gun
Fabric glue

I started out this Fembot costume by pinning the light pink sheer fabric to the bottom of my bra (stopping at the claps in the back). I made sure to scrunch the fabric to create a pleated look. Once everything was in place and looked the way I wanted it to, I stapled the fabric in place (I don’t have a sewing machine and staples work well with the sheer material).

Next I cut the fabric to my desired length, about mid thigh. Once the fabric was in place, I took my fabric glue and smeared it all over the top of my bra. I then took the light pink fur and completely covered each side of the bra and used my glue gun to make sure the fur was fully intact.

Once the fur dried to the bra, I took my bolts and glued one on each side of the bra using my hot glue gun and pressed down for about 30 seconds. I then took my remaining fur and used my glue gun to glue the fur to the bottom of the fabric.

Once everything dried I put on the dress by hooking the back of my bra together and then used a safety pin to make sure it didn’t accidentally come undone or unhooked. I completed the costume with long white gloves and huge poofy hair.