We are big Family Guy fans so when we were trying to think of a costume idea for a group, Family Guy Cast group costume was a perfect idea!  We got the outfits for everyone but Brian at Goodwill.  Brian (the dog) was made by using a simple white Hanes sweatshirt and sweatpants, an actual dog color in red with the yellow tag added, a knit hat with ears added, and white fuzzy slippers.

Meg’s glasses and wig were purchased online.  Peter just needed glasses and lots of stuffing to complete the look. The Stewie head was all ‘Megs’ idea.  We used two pieces of foam cut out in the football-esque shape of Stewie’s head.  We then stitched the top part together with black yarn since that is how is hair actually looks.  Then glued the rest of it together at the edges.  We then used Rit Dye to make the head more flesh toned.  Stewie’s ‘suspenders’ were found in the ribbon section at the craft store, along with the big yellow buttons.  We sewed those onto the red pants that we also found at Goodwill.