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Coolest Stewie Griffin Halloween Costume for a Boy

I created this Stewie Griffin Costume for my 10 year old son and it was a big hit!  When he was trick or treating, he was getting handful’s of candy while the people would call their family members to come to the door to see his costume and take his picture.  He had a great time.  This costume took several days to build but it was worth it.

Every year I search Coolest Homemade Costumes for great ideas.  This website is the best Halloween Costume site.  When we decided to build Stewie, I searched online but couldn’t find many that had turned out so I took on the challenge of trying to recreate the animated character and was really happy with the end result.

Stewie Griffin Head

The hardest part was to create the head.  I started with a large piece of thick foam and cut it into the shape a football. Then I added layers of foam and curved pieced until it had the rounded edges.  I lined the foam head with white t-shirt fabric so it would be more comfortable.  I sewed a cover for it from cotton as a base for the final fabric cover.  It is not easy to sew a cover for a football shaped head so this took a long time!  Once I had the base cover, I sewed a cover with the skin colored fabric for Stewie’s face.

Facial Features

After I had the skin colored fabric sewn on, I used  bug screen netting for the mouth (lined up with my son’s eyes so he could see clearly).  I stitched and hot glued the netting on and then stitched on the black nylon cord that was used to define the mouth, make the nose and outline the eyes.  The eyes were made from cardboard (lightweight cereal box) and covered with cotton batting and then white fabric and the skin colored fabric for the eyelids.  The black nylon cord was glued along the outside edge after I had sewed and glued the eyes onto the head.  The last step was hot gluing the black cord across the head for Stewie’s 9 hairs.


The easiest part of this costume was sewing the red overalls with yellow buttons. I purchased red stretchy fabric from a sewing store and used an old pajama pattern, modified with the shoulder straps and front bib of the overalls.  I bought the largest yellow buttons we could find and sewed them on.  For the shoes, I used 1 inch foam molded to the shape of his shoes and attached them with elastic and covered with light blue fabric.

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