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Coolest DIY Baby Elton John Rocket Man Stroller Costume

I can’t say my daughter, Emerson, “wanted” to be Sir Elton John because well she’s a baby. However, mom and auntie were at his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour and I looked over and said “how funny would that be?” and the rest is history. For the next month my thoughts and scarce spare time would be consumed with all things Elton. From picking the outfit to researching the piano played in said outfits era. Y’all when I tell you this costume was a labor of love, I mean it. I may not be super crafty but dagnabbit give me a hot glue gun and some glitter and we can make us a costume.

Props: The piano is made of foam board held together by hot glue, love, and sweet sweet late night kitchen dance moves. Decked out with black glitter wallpaper adorned with time devouring individually placed sequins atop brushed on tacky glue. *Side note: Did you know, that you do not need to spend hours (minutes) waiting for Elmer’s craft glue to dry ever so slightly so that your glue will become, oh I don’t know, TACKY enough for sequins to stick to!? You can just use TACKY glue. I only burned through 3 episodes of The Crown doing it the former way.* Moving on, the microphone stand is made of a paper towel roll (thank goodness that worked). Cheap plastic microphone enhanced by leftover glitter wallpaper and glitter. It is no secret in my house how absolutely thrilled I was with the finished piano (sorry sleeping childrens). My wonderful sister made the amazing marquee sign from cardboard/foam board and battery powered lights. Trick or treat bag is just a gift bag with the Inspo picture and enough glitter to asphyxiate a fairy.

Elton: The epaulets are constructed from cardboard, shoulder pads, feather trim, a strand of pearls and of course hot glue. Accompanied by small white rope. All held to the beautiful white jacket (Etsy) via velcro and blood. Needles just don’t glide through dried glue like one would hope. White sparkle pants and glasses that were worn for 5 seconds from Amazon. Chest hair… Who puts chest hair on a baby!? Me, obviously..is doll hair glued to felt which is stitched to a onesie. Ginger baby courtesy of yours truly.

Cost: roughly $75-$100, 13 hours of sacrificed sleep, 7 hot glue burns, my sanity, 4 needle pricks, 2 dark circles under my eyes, and a partridge in a pear tree. And there you have it, The Rocket Man!

We set out to collect our sugary rider with a speaker belting some Elton classics. “Best costume” comments were made. Pictures taken. Autographs signed (not really, she’s a baby). Then Emmy said Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and like a Candle In The Wind, she was out.

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