My Grandson’s favorite movie is Despicable Me, so of course he wanted to be a Minion for Halloween. I started out using a inflatable punching bag for the head. I covered it with paper mache’. When it dried I formed cardboard around the head to make the body. Then I covered it with paper mache’ and painted it with yellow acrylic paint. I made the shirt out of yellow felt to match the body. We made a harness out of elastic and attached it to the body with four fasteners so that it supported the weight of the body. We then made a pattern out of newspaper for the overalls. We used denim for the overalls, chemical gloves for the hands, the goggle was made out of paper mache’ covered with bondo and finished with automotive paint and cleared.

He is very proud of his Homemade Despicable Me Minion Costume and ready to Trick or Treat!