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Coolest Deer In Headlights Halloween Group Costume

Road: I bought a cute black skirt and shirt and stuck reflecting tape down the middle for the street lines. I bought led lights from the dollar store for the headlights that already had sticky tape on the back (bring double sided tape for back-up) and for the sign I just printed up a deer crossing sign, and cut out the pictures and glued them on a fluorescent yellow poster board. Then I glued the sign onto a large paint stirring stick I got from home depot that I spray painted black.

Deer: I bought a cute brown dress from a thrift store and made the tail out of felt and pinned it on the back. We found antlers from our Christmas stuff, and painted black on her nose.

Hunter: wore a cammo shirt, jean shorts, and an orange hat and vest, and boots. She carried around a toy gun.

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