My coolest DeadMau5 costume was custom fabricated last minute the day of a Halloween party which I was the host of.

It took 9 hours working in my companies shop with scroll saws, a router drill, soldering and wiring LEDs, cnc engraving acrylic to have an even light output for the ears, a special colour film that changes colour from different people perspective, a construction helmet, an over sized hamster ball for the head, a garbage can for the mouth grill, battery packs on my waist and many rolls of black duct tape.

Besides the fact that I could not walk any where without having to pose for a picture with people I didn’t know I had an amazing time. I won 2nd place which was a $500 prize out of 5000 people at a large party venue in Toronto called Liberty Grand. A significant amount of work that paid off with an incredible and unique DeadMau5 Costume.