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Cute Homemade Corpse Bride Costume

I love Tim Burton movies and originally wanted to be Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas but I did not have the time to make the costume due to how intricate her dress is. I decided the Corpse Bride Costume was the next best thing! I wanted to be a “sexy one” so I added a little bit of a twist to it.

For the dress I used my grandmother’s old (from her first marriage) wedding gown. It was super yellowed and mothball scented… baking soda, vinegar and fabreze worked wonders on getting the scent and yellow out. I cut the dress short and the sleeves off to try and create the tube top look. For the ribs I used some fabric I had cut off from the dress and a peice of white plastic and black felt to create the 3D effect of ribs popping out of the dress, I attached this piece along the seam to create a more streamlined look. I sprayed the edges with blue and black spray paint for the final touch.

The veil belonged to my great grandmother and was too small for anyone so I cut the top off and attached blue flowers to it along with spray painting the edges. The hair is not real, just a black wig, I added in a couple of blue hair extensions I purchased at Hot Topic.

It was great and my costume was a huge hit!

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