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Coolest Conan O’Brien Costume

This Conan O’Brien Costume is our 5 year old daughter. The suit and tie were bought at a thrift store. The wig was purchased at a costume shop. We originally intended to buy a blonde wig and paint it, but were pleased with the color of the “You’re Fired” wig which I’m assuming is Donald Trump.

We hairsprayed as much as we could do get the pompadour as high as we could. I built the desk out of 1/8″ foam board that I covered with shelf paper to give the wooden appearance. I made a microphone out of Styrofoam and a dowel and painted it black then glued it to the desk. I also glued some blue index cards to the desk to look like the cards he uses while interviewing.

I wanted to make sure people knew who she was supposed be in her Conan O’brien costume so I traced the Late Night logo onto some poster board, cut out the letters and moon and glued them to the front of the desk. I used fishing line that I affixed to the inside of the desk at all four points and made a loop that would hang around her neck for ease in carrying.

We were so proud of the Conan O’Brien costume we submitted a photo to the Late Night people. We were pleasantly surprised when they showed it one night. They also showed it the following year using a photo that they themselves had found on the web. Enjoy.

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