Coolest Castle Crashers Couple Costume

The idea for this Castle Crashers Couple Costume came from my son, Ben. He showed the idea to my husband and asked if he could make these 2 costumes for him and his friend. My husband is an artist and was able to bring this idea to life. It turned out much better than we imagined!

The materials for this Castle Crashers Couple Costume were soft foam, velcro, styrofoam, glue and paint. My husband cut a pattern he created out of the soft foam, used velcro and glue to put it together.

The finishing touch was airbrush paint. The weapons were made out of styrofoam. They were hand sculpted and painted with an airbrush. The boys wore black sweats and gloves underneath. I won’t lie… these were not easy costumes to make! They took 3 weeks. I’m just amazed at what my husband can create. We received tons of compliments and my husband was solicited for costumes for next year!

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