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Coolest Butterfly Catcher Costume

There were three main parts to this Homemade Butterfly Catcher Costume, the net, hat and clothes. The only thing that I needed to buy was pith helmet, net fabric, and fake butterflies. I bought a 9 pack of orange butterflies for about $10 that happened to be at a museum that I was at.

For the net, I bought about two feet of fabric that looked like something you would make a net out of. I sewed it into a bag shape and put an embroidery hoop on the end. I took a dowel that I had lying around and wrapped a wire around the end to the hoop.

For the helmet, you could use a pith helmet like me or a safari hat. I cut three wires a little longer than a foot. The hat was made of foam so I stuck the three wires through the top and stuck butterflies on the ends. If I walked around or made sudden movements, the butterflies would bounce and move, as if flying around me.

For my clothes, I wore khaki pants, a button down shirt and brown shoes. I pinned on three butterflies randomly on open spaces on my clothes. I left three butterflies left over just in case some broke ( and some did later at my school dance).

Overall, people complimented me all day at school on my costume. My mom wore all black and had butterfly wings that matched my costume.

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