Coolest Bowser Jr. Halloween Costume

Our son always plays this one baseball game on the Nintendo Wii; Mario Super Sluggers. He especially loves Bowser Jr. At first, he wanted his dad to make a bandanna that has a big mouth with teeth. As it got closer to Halloween, he wanted to be Bowser Jr. for the upcoming holiday. My husband made the costume using yards of different fabric, pillow stuffing, Styrofoam plates, a glue gun, Velcro to hold the shell, and a simple sewing kit. He also used orange yarn for the hair.

Bowser Jr. Costume

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  1. I tried to make my son a turtle costume but I couldn’t figure out how to hold the shell on… How did you do that? I really like the costume. Is that supposed to be Bowser when he was a baby? Or is that his son?

  2. We were totally inspired by this costume last year, and decided to make our own. A bit difficult, but I’m not crafty in any way. We made the bandana out of an iron on print out. We downloaded a large print from the Internet and used iron on printer paper from Michaels. That was the easiest part.

  3. Come on folks….really. After reading the story about this costume, some of you really think that they would sell it? Seriously? Like they would take it from their kid “who loves it so much” to give to your kid “who loves it so much”, come on people this is America. Very cute and creative though. Your husband did a great job, I know as a mom Id be ticked that dad got credit for that one!

  4. ^^
    We were trying to find yellow sweats… but wasn’t successful.. so…. we measured his pants, and basically, sewed yellow fleece together, and did the same for the top…

    As for the shell… we used green velvet material from the local fabric store. My husband cut the green velvet into two big circles, and stapled/hot glued together, and inserted it with pillow stuffing… He hemmed the sides and used pillow stuffing into the white fleece, using a glue gun. I’m not sure how he figured out how to make the spikes on the back. I know he used styrofoam plates and cut them into triangles, and somehow he rolled them into cones. And then glued the white felt over the cones. He, then, glued it to shell. Next, he hot glued the orange trim over the cones.

    We then used long strips of Velcro to the back, and the inside of the shell… (Make sure you use enough Velcro to hold the weight of the shell on the back. I carried safety pins just in case there was a wardrobe malfunction). =)

    For Bowser JR.’s face… we used a construction safety hat…or just use a baseball hat… Again, he glued the green velvet over the hat, and then used orange yarn for the hair… We did three sections and just glued it to the hat… Then use white fleece, and stuffed it to make the cheeks and snout. Then cut out eyes from black and white felt paper. Same for the orange eyebrows.

    For the bandanna, my husband cut a sleeve from his white shirt, and drew the mouth onto the sleeve.

    Hope this helps. =)

  5. I am making the Bowser Jr. costume too, but I need the Mario Super Sluggers game. I’ll do anything to get it. Please! Please! PLEASE!

  6. Does anyone know where I could get a Bowser costume?Or does anyone know of someone who could make it? My email is noahsarc_03[at]yahoo[dot]com


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