Coolest Bowser Jr. Costume

My 6 yr old son is obsessed with Bowser jr and this Halloween he chose a Homemade Bowser Jr. Costume. After days and days of searching the internet trying to find a Bowser jr costume to buy and finding none for sale I finally came to terms that it had to be made. I’m not very good at sewing so I asked an aunt of mine who sews very well if she could help me out.

I found a dinosaur pattern and we pretty much took it from there. A lot of it was hand sewn and she spent many restless nights sewing and creating this costume! She did an amazing job! The turtle shell stays on with Velcro and she hand sewed the cuffs and the claws on the hands and feet. The most creative I think is the hat. She also had the hardest time with it but it all came out looking great! He loves it by the way!!

Coolest Bowser Jr. Costume 7

Coolest Bowser Jr. Costume 7

Coolest Bowser Jr. Costume 7

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  1. Are you willing to sell this bowser jr costume if your son isn’t using it this year?

    Desperate mom trying to make her 6yr old happy 😞


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