My husband is always picky about his costumes. They have to be homemade and unique. So, we chose Bill from Capitol Hill from the old episodes of School House Rock.

We made the costume out of a queen size white mattress pad. We wrapped the pad around him and cut out the arm and face holes. We also used a piece that was cut out to make the nose. We tied elastic to it and it wrapped around his head underneath the costume. That way it stayed on. We drew the face on. I sewed a long red sash for the tie and used an old Frisbee for the name tag. We spray painted the colors on it. Finally we just wrapped the costume around and secured it with the sash.

He wore white tights, white shoes, white shirt and shorts and wore my old long white gloves. They were satin so we turned them inside out.

The Bill on Capitol Hill costume was a big hit, but never won any costume contests. My husband lost to a PIRATE if you can believe that!