I saw the Bill on Capitol Hill costume on this website last year and had to make it for myself! But, my hubby and I were going out as a couple, so he went as Conjunction Junction! This is how we made our cool Schoolhouse Rock couple costume.

Bill’s costume:
I couldn’t find a full-size mattress pad that I liked, so I bought two foam rolls at a craft store and hot-glued them together. Then I covered it with a sheet of felt and hot-glued the edges.
I cut arm and a mouth holes (to see and drink with). I then hot-glued the felt face on. I made the nose out of a sock with stuffing and hot-glued it on. The “Bill” button is made of cardboard and felt and a red ribbon is tied around me. It is safety-pinned at the top and bottom for extra support. White tights cover the legs and another pair of tights cover the arms. I wore white costume hands and Velcrod felt to a pair of Crocs for my shoes.

Conjunction’s costume:
This was easy. I cut up a pair of old jeans and
hot-glued them to an old ball cap. I added some stuffing and felt letters to the cap. I found some old bibs and a shirt and put a hanky around the neck. I made felt trains for AND, BUT and OR, that got us pretty far!

We won for best couple!