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Coolest Beer Pong Halloween Costume

I decided to make a gigantic beer pong Halloween costume because we play beer pong at a lot of our parties and I saw the costume that was posted on this site.

I started by cutting open two hula hoops. I slipped on PVC connectors and also cut out a portion of the bottom hula hoop so it would be smaller. I then taped them closed with duct tape. Then I connected the hula hoops with PVC pipe so it created a frame for the cup. Then we covered it with red pleather fabric. The material was shiny like the Solo cup and was the right color too.

For the top of the cup, I painted pipe insulation white and then attached it to the hula hoop. The ping pong ball was a white balloon attached to a stick so it didn’t keep flying away. Except for not being able to sit down, the costume was pretty cool.

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