Coolest Batman Halloween Costume

I like superheroes and wanted a Batman Halloween costume. This Halloween was the right time to make it.

Costume Supplies and Instructions

  • 1 Black long sleeve shirt
  • 1 Black sweat pant
  • 1 pair of black gloves
  • 2 yards of black cloth for cape
  • 10 foam sheets.
  • Black paint, brush to paint
  • Glue gun
  • 1 batman mask
  • 1 batman belt
  • Velcro

First I found the pic of the Batman which I wanted to make. Then I drew and cut the chest, abs, muscles, thighs, shins on a piece of paper. Then trace and cut it out on foam. Paint it black. Paint about two to three coats. Let one coat dry before painting the second coat. Glue the foam pieces on the shirt and pant. Slide a newspaper in between the shirt and the pant so that the glue does not stick on the clothes. Put Velcro on the guts and the shins.

I measured the width and the length of the cape leaving 1″ for stitching. Cut the shape of the wings. I took one long thick stick and cut in half. Then I made slits on the two ends of the wings and slide the stick in it. Cut a long string for the neck and stitched along the shoulders.

The cape and the foam body was a hit. I was very happy wearing the costume.

Coolest Batman Halloween Costume

Coolest Batman Halloween Costume

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