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Cool Barbie in a Box Costume for a Woman

Well I have seen Barbie in a box costumes online before, but I wasn’t pretentious enough to think I was a California or Princess Barbie (plus I look horrible as a blonde) so why not add some humor and be brunk B***ch Barbie!?!

Most versions I found online of a Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume were hand painted or spray painted the box, which I think made it TOO homemade looking. So I covered it in hot pink fabric and used really paper and plastic on the inside for a more real look. And since I’m a graphic design I designed the logo and everything for the front. I had a real plastic covering that Velcro opened and closed so I looked “shrink wrapped. I didn’t have it “up ” most of the time though because I got claustrophobic and couldn’t talk to anyone, so I don’t have a good picture of me “inside the plastic”.

I also had 2 accessories. One is a martini glass and the other was a cell phone with a ‘late night drunk text’ to Ken. Haha.

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

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3 thoughts on “Cool Barbie in a Box Costume for a Woman”

  1. the box had straps (with “female” Velcro on the ends) on the inside that went through slots to the back outside, and stuck to the “male” Velcro strips on back. They slipped on my arms like a back pack and I just needed a friend to tighten and Velcro them once I was in it. And to undo them when I needed to get out.

    Before you cut the slots, go higher than you think! The box sinks once on your shoulder so you need the straps to be pretty high.

    It wasn’t the most convenient and my arm were a bit sore the next day, but it was still such a fun costume and got so many great reactions!

  2. Wow I’m trying to Make the exact costume it looks amazing
    but am struggling with how to attach myself I know you have explained above but was the way you said secure enough? Did the velcro keep coming undone?
    I had thought if that but was worried would keep coming undone as walking!!
    Any help on this would be brilliant I’m struggling with this one last thing xxx
    Thank you


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