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Coolest Baby Factory Costume

Last year I didn’t have a clue what to be so, as usual I pulled something together the night before.

I went as a “Baby Factory” (but most people thought I was Brittany Spears)!

I had 3 babies attached to me using safety pins – one on my shoulder and one on each leg. I also carried another one. You can see the head of one of the babies on my leg in the photo but not the other. The one I would carry was being baby sat at time of photo;-)

I would have pushed a stroller with more babies but I work in a nursing home and push wheel chairs all day so there was no way I could do that! I shoved a small round pillow under my shirt to make myself look very pregnant! I held it in place with safety pins, but it still kept slipping while I walked. I also carried baby bottles, rattles, diaper bag, and tossed a burp towel over my shoulder.

I didn’t do a thing to my hair just tried to look like a really over worked extremely tired mom (which I am!).

I really played into the costume by asking people to hold the babies, feed them change them etc. I won first place in costume contest! It was by far one of my favorite costumes and people kept telling me how original it was.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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