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Coolest Baby Bump Breakfast Costume

My daughters love of her unborn brother had me thinking quick when I realized I had to dress all of us for a Halloween party. I managed to do it with just 4$. I found white pants and a white shirt in my closet, and bought a yellow tank top for 2$ at the Dollar store. I cut a big circle out of the tank and safety pinned it on to the belly of the shirt. Voila, mommy and baby brother are now an egg.

I found boxes that were out for recycling and bought some dark red and white paint (another 2$) at the Dollar store. I cut and painted some strips of bacon and used some boot laces for tying the bacon around their necks. Daddy and his little girl match and together we were breakfast.

My daughter was thrilled and the other party guests couldn’t believe how great we all looked together. All for just 4$. The picture with daddy doesn’t have the white pants cuz it was too cold out for trick or treating in capri’s but I wore them for the party.

Homemade Baby Bump Breakfast Costume

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Baby Bump Breakfast Costume”

  1. i’m the guy wearing the bacon. my daughter went crazy for this. the idea of being breakfast with her unborn brother. she was dancing around the living room swinging that bacon like it was a ball gown. the video is too cute.

  2. that was the greatest orginal costume I’ve ever seen and warrants first place in my opinion. But I’m just the grandmother.


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