Coolest American Bald Eagle Costume

I try to make my son’s Halloween costume every year (mainly so he has something unique) and this year we decided to make him an American Bald Eagle sitting in a nest. Using a gray hooded sweatshirt, we began sticking feathers to the sweatshirt using spray adhesive. Once feathers were covering the entire sweatshirt, I used craft foam to shape a beak, glued on some eyeballs, and stepped back to enjoy the finished product.

My son loved his Homemade American Bald Eagle Costume and was so proud to be the only Bald Eagle around on Halloween.

Homemade American Bald Eagle Costume

Homemade American Bald Eagle Costume

18 thoughts on “Coolest American Bald Eagle Costume”

  1. Very original costume. You can tell that someone put a lot of time into making the eagle look so real. All those features and the head is a identical match to the real thing. Wow, what a great original costume! I wish I was that talented!!

  2. What a great costume, you really are a very talented Lady! Love the detail. What a very lucky young man to have you as his mother!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is the coolest costume I’ve ever seen. Must have been a tremendous amount of work. Awesome imagination and a very talented person.

  4. thought I would be the first bald eagle costume- but I guess not…lol… Can’t wait for you all to see mine after this halloween- look for it!!!! all hand made too and going all out with detail- This is adorable tho!!!! Great job!!! Fun having artsy talent isn’t it!!!

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