Coolest DIY Alice in Wonderland Group Costume

My family got together and decided to do an Alice in Wonderland Group Costume. We really got into the characters even talking and acting like them. The caterpillar was probably the most work. We used spray foam to construct the mushroom then carved a hole for my son’s body to go into and painted it. It fit snug enough he didn’t have to hold it up.

Then we fashioned a skirt/stem to match and sewed a caterpillar body out from the shirt section and attached the arms together with fishing line so he could move many arms. Tweedle Dee and Dum we used flexible tubing and threaded it through a casing. We found a baseball cap pattern and attached felt flags. The king is actually wearing a big plastic/foam wig we painted.

We got lots of compliments and had a blast.

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