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Cool Homemade Light-Up Ghost Rider Costume

Violette loves to cosplay and does it everyday! After she watched the Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider movie she wanted to dress up as him and have his ride. So we got to work. It was an amazing family project to make this costume come to life. We spent so many hours cutting out individual flames out of school folders. Trying out different scooters and bikes till we landed on the one that would be allowed at conventions. The mask is made of foam and has bike lights for the eyes and fairy lights in the flame hair.

All of the chains are plastic from dollar tree so that it’s not heavy and the spikes on the jacket are for trucks. We thrifted the jacket and gave it some battle damage. We added lights and smoke and even motorcycle sounds effects. When we take it out it’s crazy people stop her to get pictures and some little kids even get scared.

Overall it’s an amazing thing to see her riding it around conventions. She has even won the Baltimore comic con grand prize for their contest.

We love doing projects together like this as a family.

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