This Deer in Headlights costume looks simple but took some time. It’s hunting season, think it would be easy to find a deer costume?? nooooo.. However finally found one. Made the eyeglasses out of pipe cleaners and glued on googlie eyes. Finding a black sheath dress was not so easy. Ended up in a teenie bopper store  “DEB”.  Think I bought my prom dress from there 14 years ago, lol.

I used reflective tape for road strips and TAP lights for headlights (secured with Velcro and safety pins). Might I mention be prepared to be tapped. My headlights were on and off all night. Found deer crossing sign online “ETSY” and attached a stake to hold. Even wore a Mercedes emblem as necklace and red reflectors for the taillights (Lowes). This costume won us two contests in two different categories. Sexiest and most original. It was a hit. Literally.