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Cool Homemade Ash and Pikachu Couples Halloween Costume

My boyfriend and I started planning our costumes in the beginning of September, because I LOVE Halloween and wanted my last Halloween as a college student to be awesome! We searched for tons of different couples costumes ideas, but Ash and Pikachu won us over because its something that we loved as kids and tons of people would recognize it! And they did! Our entire night was filled with random photos, people singing the Pokemon theme song, and yelling “Pikachu!”, followed by me showing them I had Ash with me too – and then they would get even more excited! My one regret is that I wasn’t able to go out on actual Halloween night to try and win a costume contest – because I really feel that I could have! This was my favorite costume I have ever made and it was super cheap to pull off while not looking homemade!

How I did it:


I don’t know what I would have done without this Youtube video, so I HAVE to give credit where credit is due. These ears stole the spotlight, and people thought that I bought them!! I created the headband and ears exactly how it was done in this video, and it was super easy yet totally effective! You only need a glue gun, a headband, a square of felt (which is like 60 cents), black paint, cotton balls, and a pipe cleaner.

I bought a yellow dress online, and it is an American Apparel dress that was on clearance! I added black tights because it was cold, but it worked out because it went with the costume perfectly. I added black eye shadow to my nose and red lip gloss to my cheeks using a Q-tip. I skipped out on the tail – but I think in the scheme of things you don’t even notice it’s not there! I did add two pieces of brown construction paper cut out to the back of the dress, just like Pikachu has on it’s back.


To create the Ash jacket, I bought a blue t-shirt from the craft store and a short sleeve, collared, white men’s shirt from the thrift store for 2 dollars! I cut apart the blue shirt down the front middle, and cut off the sleeves about an inch from the seams. Then I cut off the white shirt’s sleeves and collar, leaving about an inch below the collar as well. I sewed (see: used iron on tape) the white sleeves around the blue shirt where the sleeves should be, did the same for the collar around the top of the blue shirt, and folded/sewed the edges of the front cut so that it would look more finished on the blue shirt. I used leftover felt from the Pikachu ears to cut out 2 rectangles and 2 circles and hot glued them in the proper places on the jacket.

I also bought 2 Styrofoam balls from the craft store and used red paint to color the top of the balls, then drew the black parts of the Pokeball with sharpie marker. I attached the balls to his belt with wire by poking one end in the top of the Pokeball and wrapping the other end around his belt! Easy!

The hat was bought off of Amazon!

I hope you enjoyed my costume as much as I did!

Cool Homemade Ash and Pikachu Couples Halloween Costume

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