Cool Group Halloween Costume Idea: Orange is the New Black

Here is our group costume at work!  We are all characters from the hit series, Orange Is The New Black.

We all got Dickies scrubs (or Dickies uniform in the officer’s case, chef’s wear for Red), and then added our character’s personal touches.  Hand drawn rose tattoo and glasses for “Alex,” Neck tat (only temporary!) and corn rows for Tricia, a chicken and purple glasses for Red, a bridal mag and red lips for Morello, homemade maxi pad sandals for Piper, etc.  We also took individual pictures and made badges beforehand like the ones they wear on the show. We had most of the characters and it was definitely a hit at the office!

(characters from left; Red, Morello, Nicky, Alex, Piper, Pennsatucky, Flaca, Officer Mendez, Tricia)