I started with a sweat shirt, sweat pants and pair of slip on shoes. I then took pipe insulation and cut it into small strips these I used to create the roots and branches. I began gluing them to the clothing to create the appearance of Groot. Then I cut up rubber gym mats and made them into the larger pieces of bark.

Once I had the shoes, pans and shirt covered, I began working on the head piece. For the head I again used rubber gym mats. I cut them into the basic shape of the head and glued them together to form a circle. Then I used an old pair of sunglasses and glued them in for eyes. Once I did that, I added the branches to increase the texture on the head piece.

Once I had all of the costume pieces made I primed and painted them with a black primer and them a kaki top coat. Once everything dried I went back with box cutter and added additional texture.

The last thing that I did was to apply the moss. I used dried moss from Michael’s which I applied with a hot glue gun.