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Colorful Macaw Bird Costume

Our daughter loves birds, especially Macaws. So, she wanted to be a Macaw for Halloween.

First, we went to Hobby Lobby to buy red, green, yellow and blue feathers and boas. We found a mask to make the face. I bought a piece of yellow felt and cut it into a triangle to make the beak. I then made a red, blue and green tutu and attached baos to the back to make the tail. We bought a red t-shirt from Hobby Lobby and attached more feathers to the front of the shirt. She had red leggings also. I found angel wings from Kid To Kid and attached more feathers onto the wings. All of this was attached to the mask, shirt and wings using Elmers Spray Adhesive.

This costume was very simple and easy to make. No sew!! I tied the tulle around elastic to make each part of the skirt and then tied each color of elastic skirt to each other to make it one whole tutu. I then tied to the boas around the back of the skirt for the tail.

She had more boas around her wrists and ankles. This was very unique, fun, and cheap costume to make! Happy Halloween!

Colorful Macaw Bird Costume

Colorful Macaw Bird Costume

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