Coolest Homemade Childrens Costume Ideas – Photos and How-To Tips

Take a look at this cool homemade childrens costume submitted to our annual Halloween Costume Contest. You’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration.

Costume by Nikki M., Callicoon, NY

Coolest Homemade Childrens Costume Ideas - Photos and How-To Tips

My son loves construction. This was his childrens costume for nursery school, and we also used it for Halloween trick or treating.

To make this childrens costume we took two pieces of cardboard, cut them into squares and then painted each one yellow (they can also be covered/wrapped with yellow construction paper).

After the paint dried I used a paint pen to write “WORK ZONE AHEAD” on one of the signs; on the other I wrote “END WORK ZONE”. Then I had my son wear jeans, a flannel shirt and work boots.

We bought a toy hard-hat and mini road cone. I tied the mini road cone to the side of his pants (this can’t be seen because we didn’t bring it to nursery school).

Then I took the two road signs and stapled some string to the signs so that they would hang on him. The “WORK ZONE AHEAD” was on his front side, and “END WORK ZONE” was on his back.

It was really easy, and a good childrens costume for cold weather. It is also good for children who want to dress up, but not too much!


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