Creepy Doll Costume

Creepy Doll Costume

I was at a Hallowen costume shop, looking for something that I didn’t think many others would be wearing, when I noticed the creepy yet simple, doll mask. I grabbed one up and starting gather other items throughout the store that I thought would look appropriate with the mask. I then found the bouncy, curly … Read more

Scary Homemade Doll Costume

Scary Homemade Doll Costume

I was so confused on to what I wanted to be for Halloween. After weeks of searching, I finally decided that I wasn’t going to go out of my way and spend a great load of money, so off to the thrift store I went! I ended up finding a costume that was a gypsy … Read more

Evil Doll and Her Evil Baby Spooky Couples Halloween Costume

Evil Doll and Her Evil Baby Spooky Couples Halloween Costume

This was my first time I’ve ever dressed up so dramatically! I really enjoyed this costume, it was simple, inexpensive, and spooky! I used make up from Walmart (any brand will work). I purchased light colored foundation (a lot lighter than my skin to give it that pale look) & then I applied baby powder … Read more

Creepy Button-Eyed Doll Halloween Costume

Creepy Button-Eyed Doll Halloween Costume

My creepy button-eyed doll Halloween costume went through various stages before the final addition of the button eyes. I first started out making the dress (which turned out was the easiest part). I added a purchased corset over top. The first time I used the costume I made it a steampunk doll and painted myself silver. … Read more

Creepy Doll Homemade Costume

I came up with this idea for my company party last year. It's kind of a mixture of creepy doll/puppet on a string. (with stiff movements, and silenc

I came up with this idea for a creepy doll costume for my company party last year. It’s kind of a mixture of creepy doll/puppet on a string  (with stiff movements, and silence). Start out trying to find a dress with a lot of ruffling- or tulle. I could not find what I wanted anywhere … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scary Doll Costumes

Homemade Scary Doll Costumes

When I was younger I was obsessed with watching the horrible cheesy horror flicks and this inspired me to create a costume. There are many bad horror films that involve dolls that come to life and kill and this was my rendition of that. For my husband’s costume he is a Dummy. I love to … Read more

Coolest Evil Rag Doll Costume

Evil Rag Doll Costume

When you are a teen its hard to buy ready made costumes because you are to big for the children’s costumes and too small for the adults costumes. Some stores do teen or tween costumes but we did not want to spend £40 on a Halloween costume that might not be worn again. We were … Read more

Coolest Stitch Doll Girls Costume

Homemade Stitch Doll Girls Costume

My daughter wanted to a Stitch Doll Girls Costume. We bought a toot-toot, leggings, a turtle neck and some felt squares at the local craft store. Also purchased some puff paint. I then cut squares out of felt and hot glued them to the turtle neck. when they were glued we added puff paint to … Read more

Coolest Creepy Doll Homemade Costume

Creepy Doll Costume

I helped my daughter make this creepy doll costume with inspiration from the great costumes on this website. I made the rag doll hair by attaching bundles on yarn, tied in the centre, to a dollar store black hat. This kept my daughter’s head very warm on a cool fall night. The dress was an … Read more

Coolest Creepy Doll DIY Costume

Coolest Creepy Doll Costume

I did the makeup of this Creepy Doll costume following a YouTube tutorial and added fake eyelashes. The dress was a kids dress. I cut away the sleeves and re-attached to a black short sleeve shirt, then cut away the shirt part of the dress leaving the bib area and pinning the bag into a … Read more