Creepy Button-Eyed Doll Halloween Costume

My creepy button-eyed doll Halloween costume went through various stages before the final addition of the button eyes. I first started out making the dress (which turned out was the easiest part). I added a purchased corset over top. The first time I used the costume I made it a steampunk doll and painted myself silver. I decided to go creepier for the next year and wanted to add button eyes.

I read a number of tutorials for making my own with real buttons on glasses and ones that go right the eyes. Every one I made did not seem to come out very well so I turned to the internet and bought a set of button eyes. They were great (for button eyes). You do lose a bit of vision (peripheral and up close) but you still can see well enough to function. I added some pale make up, a black “doll” wig, and a over sized plastic knife and there is my costume.

I still am amazed that the most complicated part of everything I did was the button eyes. Though I have to say once I added the button eyes people were really creeped out by the costume.